We wanted an investment property but didn’t know where to start

Testimonial of Parker Investment Properties Client

Lisa came highly recommended from someone in finance. We wanted an investment property but didn’t know where to start. Plus lead very busy lives, both with work and family. Once we were recommended by a very trustworthy friend, we were confident to choose Lisa.

What did you enjoy working with us?
1. The confidence Lisa could find what we wanted.
2. Good communication, whether by phone, SMS or email.
3. Efficiency in everything, from finding an appropriate investment, to providing contacts/building inspections/real estate agents for renting….she seemed to have a lot of good contacts, plus knowledge about what we had to do.

“If you’re determined to find an investment property but don’t know where to start, I definitely can recommend Parker Investment Properties.

Everything is made straightforward, simple, and from our point of view very little effort from our end (we just organised our finances!!).

It came highly recommended and we can concur that the experience was fantastic and we would use it again for our next property purchase. The hard work is done, and putting your trust in someone else is a big thing…but already we feel our investment has valued and will continue to, and yet there is no way we would have found this place ourselves.

I am also impressed with the whole package….not only was an excellent property found, but advice/direction/contacts were shared about tenants, agents, tradespersons, rent and more. This was given with no personal gain on their behalf.”

~ Brad & Stacey Harris ~ January 2017


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