Truly A Great Experience

Testimonial of Parker Investment Properties Client

“Parker Investment Properties helped us to buy the house we wanted, at the best possible price, with minimum effort from us.

Truly it has been a great experience for us, and we think that without the help of Parker Investments we wouldn’t have got the house we did, and probably would have overspent our budget and taken a lot longer too.”

Why did you choose Parker Investment Properties over other options?

We were hoping to work with Lisa because her website demonstrated her extensive knowledge, thorough approach and attention to detail, efficiency, experience, and ethics.  We were very impressed with Lisa’s website, especially her introduction and the information she gave in the downloadable booklet and a few blog posts.

The advice given really made sense. She also seemed very thorough, knowledgeable, and was nice.

It was just what we were looking for, and impressed us much more than other buyer advocates we investigated. She was repeatedly recommended on forums by people who had had used her services.


What did you enjoy working with us?

1. We got the house we wanted, at the best possible price, and it was all handled so smoothly and efficiently, with minimum stress to us.
2. During the negotiation we felt very confident in Lisa’s approach and were glad she was handling it, as we were sure that if the property could be bought, she would achieve it.
3. It was also very good to have you check out properties and talk to real estate agents on our behalf, as she found places and gained information that we wouldn’t have, and saved us a lot of effort.

It’s really hard to just pick 3 things but that is my best try at it.

Did we live up to your expectations?

I think the best bit was that we got our house, which really seems perfect for us, but also, the way the negotiations were handled by Lisa was a great relief to us as we didn’t have to stress. She was obviously so capable and we had great confidence in her.

Also, the way they checked out the properties and talked to the agents, helped a lot and saved us a lot of difficulty, and sped up the whole process.

And right from the start, we were told that Karen was there to make sure the whole process was smooth, and that was very good to know also, as we felt like whatever came up it would be dealt with easily and as quickly as possible.


“Again the best possible approach was being taken, without any effort from us, and we didn’t need to worry about any of it. Lisa’s knowledge, efficiency, attention to detail, and incredibly high standards, was brilliant.

Really the whole service you all offered to us was amazing. We can’t thank you all enough. I’ve already spoken of your services to a few friends and family, and would continue to recommend you to others. If we needed similar services again we would definitely call Lisa again.”

~ Dr Cathy & Dr Jerad Choo ~ March 2017


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