What Happens If I Hire A Buyers Advocate

What happens if I hire a Buyers Advocate

So you have decided to engage the help of a buyers advocate, but you’re wondering exactly how the process works and what to expect.

In this weeks article we give you an inside peek of exactly what you will be up to when buying a home or investment with the help of a buyers agent. (Psst – it’s so easy you could literally be on an island relaxing…..and many of our clients have been while we were out hitting the pavement hard securing their dream home or investment property)

Buying a home for most people is stressful, time consuming and induces thoughts of banging ones head up against brick wall. But it needn’t be quite so hard.

Along with everything else in this world advances in the way we approach life mean we have quite literally changed the way we do almost everything. these days we have cleaners who clean, food services that deliver tasty, fresh and healthy meals, people who organise our cupboards and shop for our winter wardrobe and now we even have professionals who shop for our dream home or investment property.

No longer are these services reserved for the wealthy. Everyone is seeing the advantage of leveraging their time and money to “buy more time” with their family or time to do things they enjoy. Busy lives mean we all need to be resourceful with our time and outsource things we would never dream of. And now more and more people are turning to a buyers advocate to help them save 6-12 months of weekend house hunting.

So what happens when you hire a buyers advocate?

The short answer is “go on living your life as if you aren’t even in the market for new property purchase’. yes, that is how simple and easy buying a home or investment could be with help on your side.

Once you hire a buyers advocate they will quite literally do everything that you would ordinarily do if you were searching for a home for yourself. In most cases though they will do it much faster and with less wasted time because they do it all day everyday for people just like you and know many valuable short cuts.

Here is just a small array of items you can remove off your to-do list when you hire a buyers agent:

  • Go to every open for inspection and line up with 30 other tired shoppers
  • Race from one property to the next trying to make the house before the open house is over
  • Weigh up whether the area is really an OK area or not
  • Look over the property looking for hidden expenses and hidden issues
  • Deal with the selling agent
  • Speak to the selling agent when they call after the inspection and before the auction
  • Attend the auction to see how many bidders were there and what price it sold for
  • Organise building and pest inspections
  • Go over the building and pest report
  • Obtain a rental assessment
  • Determine if the property is a suitable rental and in demand by tenants
  • Weigh up what the property is really worth
  • Check the legal documents for unforeseen clauses and items of concern
  • Bid at auction
  • Negotiate a private sale
  • Work out what you can and shouldn’t say to the agent
  • Work out how to phrase your questions to the agent in a way that is most likely to get a truthful and helpful answer

That’s right. When you hire a buyers advocate you can wipe every single one of these items off of your to-do list because we take care of it all.

Buying a property with the help of a buyers advocate typically takes a total of between 5 to 10 hours of your time.

Here is how the process works

1) Engage a buyers advocate to do the work for you
2) Briefing session
3) Search
4) Due diligence
5) Purchase
6) Post purchase

So there you have it! A small overview of what you can expect when you work a a buyers advocate. Or put another way…..What Lisa Does vs What You Do….

What Lisa Does

What You Do

If you would like to feel like you are sunning yourself on an island sipping cocktails during your next property purchase, phone our office for a friendly chat today. It is more affordable than you may think and the benefits are endless….

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